Getting Started

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  Steps to a successful fundraising campaign


1. Register

First things first...if you haven't registered yet, Click to Register. *Team Captains click "Start a Team" first to set up your team. You will also be prompted to set up your personal page.  *Team Members, if you don't have a direct link from an email from your captain, click "Join a Team" and search for your team in the list.

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Team Captains:  Once you've set up the Team Page, you can send emails to potential team members to Join your Team, and they can set up their own pages if they wish. All money raised on individual pages rolls up into the Team totals, so the more team members you have reaching out to their contacts, the more money you can raise!

See, that was easy. You've already taken the first step. You're ahead of the game! What's next?

2. Personalize your Firm Team Page in the Participant Center. 

Edit the text to make it your own or write your own message. Upload your own photos. You'll also be able to configure a custom URL to easily direct people to your team page.  

This make a HUGE difference. Research shows* that fundraisers who personalize their pages raise an average of 50% more than those who do not. Tell everyone why you're involved with Second Harvest. What is your connection? What does Second Harvest do for our community in your opinion? Why is this important right now?

3. Email, Email, Email!!! GH Participant Center Button

For all participants:  In your participant center, you'll find a section for sending emails. You can easily upload your address book from Gmail or Yahoo! Mail or there are instructions on uploading a .csv file from Outlook or other email clients. There are also pre-populated emails for recruiting more team members, requesting donations, sending "thank yous", and you can edit each as you wish.

According to * Donor Drive's State of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Report 2017, fundraisers who send more than 15 emails raise a whopping 76% more than non-email senders. This is the easiest way to fundraise...sitting at your desk, a couple of clicks, maybe editing language, and click send. Again, if every member of every team were to send emails to all their contacts, the funds raised could be exponentially higher.  

4. Connect with Social Media

With the rise in social media usage, fundraising posts account for 35% of all dollars raised*. See below for sample posts, tweets, text messages, statistics, and more.

5. Events, Raffles, and Auctions (oh my)

Hosting a fun fundraising event is a wonderful team-building exercise. The possibilities are endless and range from bake sales to hosting a live music event to raffling off a trip. See link below for fundraising ideas.  

BONUS:  Have fun and know that you are helping thousands of Louisianans in the year ahead!

*If you need any assistance using the fundraising tools, please contact Kathryn at Second Harvest at (504) 729-2820 or


Fundraising Tips & Tools

Offline Donations Form

Deliver or mail all cash and checks with this form to

Kathryn Gsell
Second Harvest Food Bank
700 Edwards Ave. 
New Orleans, LA 70123.


Recruiting and Fundraising Tips


Team Captain Tips  Fundraising Ideas

Social Media and 
Text Tips and Messages


Social Media Images
Right click image and "Save Image As" to save to your device. 

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 Photo Library (more photos to be uploaded)

Right click on any of these photos and save to your device to use on your personal page, in emails, in social media, and in event fliers.


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